I remember trips with my Father when I was about 10 years old to a menswear brick at mortar establishment named Graham’s, and a shoe storefront named Paramount Bootery.  Both places were at the local downtown promenade. My father frequented both locations for his clothing and especially shoes, Florsheim Royal Imperials were the shoes to buy. He had every color and different models but the ones that stood out to me were the shell cordovan royal imperials which I still have today. Shoes, leather goods and all things quality made by hand in general have always been a huge inspiration in my life.

SoleGarb was created to promote timeless,  classically hand crafted leather men’s shoes and accessories that are made to last and never go out style.  To offer truely driven Artisinal craftsman who share our passion for hand made quality items,  that provide our customers with unique hand made works of art. Our artisans are carefully selected by their hand crafted artisanal approach to keeping old world craftsmanship alive. This means handwelted leather men’s shoes by Master craftsman Enzo Bonafé, and meticulously hand stitched briefcases and leather goods by Lorenzo & Co.  As we continue to grow we will be adding other brands that produce only premium quality goods, including women’s shoes and professional leather bags. At SoleGarb we are committed  to the quality and value of our offerings long after you have taken ownership,  and the friends we make along the way.


photo by Patrick Demarchelier for Brioni